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At JFK Yellow Taxi Cab we are committed to providing safe, reliable, on-time taxi service, and we train our drivers to take care of each customer, providing each one with a safe, comfortable and pleasant experience. Our drivers are courteous and helpful toward our passengers. They are trained to listen actively to customer needs, and expected to treat them with courtesy and respect. We count on them to display a positive attitude, handle baggage carefully, and maintain standards for clean, well-maintained vehicles. To help ensure passenger safety, we regularly check with the Department of Motor Vehicles for accidents, vehicle code violations and valid driver’s licenses to ensure that if our drivers have had any issues we are aware of them.

We ensure that our drivers have geographical knowledge and map reading skills, for the entire NYC area. We also orient our drivers on helping clients with special needs with sensitivity and care, and we require drivers to maintain high standards of cleanliness, both in the appearance as well as the cleanliness of the vehicle, both inside and out.

At JFK Yellow Taxi Cab we work hard to ensure that our phone personnel are polite and well-trained, too. We strive to take excellent care of each caller and make sure reservations are entered accurately. We use the most sophisticated dispatch and reservation systems in our industry, and have developed efficient processes to ensure good communication between the call center, dispatchers and drivers. Our call center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At JFK Yellow Taxi Cab we constantly strive for improvement through the use of customer feedback as a gauge to learn what we are doing well and in what areas we can improve. We share commendations with our operators and employees and show recognition for exemplary work. We also listen and document complaints from our customers, devise solutions to ensure the same issues do not resurface in the future, and provide customer follow up to ensure their concerns are being addressed.